Michigan EIBC works to build public and political support for advanced energy in Michigan. Our team offers members unmatched Michigan energy policy expertise, translating member priorities into high-level policy wins that improve the business environment for advanced energy companies in Michigan.

Governor Signs EIBC-backed Anaerobic Digester Bill

Michigan EIBC President, Liesl Clark, Michigan EIBC staff, and representatives from Michigan CAT attended the formal bill signing. Yesterday, Governor Rick Snyder ceremonially signed SB 375. The bill was cham

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Experts Testify Before House Energy Committee on Electric Vehicles

The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (Michigan EIBC)and Clean Fuels Michigantoday testified before the House Energy Policy Committee detailing ongoing efforts to advance alternative fuel vehicles in

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Michigan Public Service Commission Decision Creates Barriers to Rooftop Solar in Michigan

The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council  expressed concerns over changes to the current net metering program announced today by the Michigan Public Service Commission, which will significantly reduce

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Conveners Discuss Education at 2nd EV Convening

On Thursday, March 22, 2018, Michigan EIBC hosted its second Electric Vehicle (EV) Convening at the Michigan Saves office in Lansing, Michigan. This meeting centered around customer awareness and education.

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Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council Kicks Off Stakeholder Meetings on Electric Vehicles

LANSING – The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (EIBC) yesterday held the first of five stakeholder meetings to advance electric vehicle charging infrastructure and address other future challenges

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MPSC Report is a Call to Action for Building on Energy Efficiency Standard

LANSING – A report released today from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) shows that for every dollar spent on energy efficiency, ratepayers saved $4.35 – leading to a total of $1.08 billion

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Michigan Businesses Renew Call to Increase Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Standards

LANSING – As the Michigan Senate considers bills that would overhaul Michigan’s energy policy, major businesses sent letters calling on Senator Mike Nofs (R-Battle Creek) and legislators to reduce elect

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Michigan EIBC Highlights Another Year of Growth in On-Site Solar and Net Metering

LANSING – Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (Michigan EIBC) President Liesl Eichler Clark praised another strong year for on-site solar and net metering in Michigan. The Michigan Public Service Comm

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MEC3 Conference Summary

Conference brought corporate buyers of renewable energy together with stakeholders The 3rd Annual Michigan Energy Conference, held in Detroit, Michigan, brought corporate buyers of renewable energy together wi

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Letter to Federal Delegation Expresses Support for Comprehensive Federal Energy Legislation

In a letter to Senator Murkowski, Representative Upton, Senator Cantwell, and Representative Pallone, Michigan EIBC expresses support for comprehensive federal energy legislation. Michigan EIBC also thanks both

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Michigan EIBC Testifies to Senate Energy Committee

Members of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council gave testimony to the Senate Energy and Technology Committee last week, stating concerns around SB 437 and 438 and offering thoughts on how this le

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Letter to Senator Zorn Supports House Bills 4990-4994

In a letter to Senator Dale Zorn, Chairman of the Michigan Senate Local Government Committee, Michigan EIBC express its support for House Bills 4990, 4991, 4992, 4993 and 4994, and encourages the Senate Local G

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