Michigan EIBC works to build public and political support for advanced energy in Michigan. Our team offers members unmatched Michigan energy policy expertise, translating member priorities into high-level policy wins that improve the business environment for advanced energy companies in Michigan.

Advanced Energy Infrastructure: A Roadmap for Implementation in Michigan

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides funding to address some of the top energy priorities of Michigan policymakers, such as ensuring a reliable electric grid, lowering energy bills, and supporting advanced energy jobs. As a result of the IIJA, Michigan state and local government agencies will be able to access billions of dollars in funding to jumpstart a variety of advanced energy projects.…

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Beware Misinformation About Texas and Renewable Energy

There has been a vast amount of misinformation about the role of renewable energy in the crisis currently happening in Texas. The misinformation seeks to use the crisis in Texas to score political points against renewable energy around the country, including Michigan, where groups like the Mackinac Center for Public Policy are promulgating very basic misunderstandings about our energy system. In reality, the ongoing crisis…

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Comments on Competitive Procurement Guidelines

On Oct. 30, 2020, Michigan EIBC and Advanced Energy Economy filed feedback on the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) staff's draft guidelines for the competitive procurement of power generation resources. Please read the comments here.

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Report Finds Advanced Energy Stimulus Can Jumpstart Michigan’s Economy

This independent report, prepared for the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council by the Analysis Group, provides an economic assessment of stimulus funds for advanced energy sectors in Michigan, showing how each dollar of public investment generates a return in private economic activity in the form of new jobs, new advanced energy firms and more. View the full report here.

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Letter to Michigan Legislature Leaders Regarding Distributed Generation Cap

[The following letter was sent to state Sen. Dan Lauwers, chair of the Senate Energy and Technology Committee, and state Rep. Joe Bellino, chair of the House Energy Committee, on Oct. 5] Dear Chairman Lauwers and Chairman Bellino: Last October, when Senator McBroom and Representative Markkanen introduced Senate Bill 597 and House Bill 5145, the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (Michigan EIBC) set out a…

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Utility Regulation In The COVID-19 Pandemic

Utility Regulation In The COVID-19 Pandemic Michigan EIBC and Advanced Energy Economy Institute have filed comments on how the Michigan Public Service Commission should respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full comments here.

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