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Companies and organizations join Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council because they want a seat at the table when important energy legislation is being debated and decided in Lansing. Members have direct access to the unmatched energy expertise that Michigan EIBC offers, and are first to learn of business opportunities.

Membership benefits include:


Yearly Revenue from Business ActivitiesAnnual Member Dues*
< $750K$750
$750K - $2.5M$1150
$2.5M - $5M$1500
$5M - $15M$2000
$15M - $50M$2500
$50M - $100M$3000
$100M - $200M$3500
> $200M$4000
Trade Organization Member
(national or regional)
* New members (except Trade Organization Members) will receive a first-year introductory membership rate of $500. After the first year, membership dues will be based on the table above.
Our members define and drive our priorities, allowing us to bring an authentic industry perspective to the public discussion and policy debate.

Michigan EIBC represents companies across the full range of the advanced energy sector, including:
Advanced Materials
Batteries & Energy Storage
Biomass & Biofuels
Combined Heat & Power
Community Development
Demand Response
Electric Vehicles & Mobility
Energy Efficiency
Geothermal and Air Source Heat Pumps
Lobbying & Advocacy
Performance Contracting
Purchasers of Renewable Energy
Smart Grid & Grid Optimization