Governor Signs EIBC-backed Anaerobic Digester Bill

Michigan EIBC President, Liesl Clark, Michigan EIBC staff, and representatives from Michigan CAT attended the formal bill signing.

Yesterday, Governor Rick Snyder ceremonially signed SB 375. The bill was championed by Sen. Darwin Booher (R-Evart) and backed by Michigan EIBC after member companies brought the shortcomings of the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act (2010 PA 270) to light. The new PA 242 of 2017 adds “anaerobic digester” as an option for energy projects that can be financed through PACE by the legislation.

Anaerobic digesters collect agricultural waste, such as manure, food processing waste, and waste from other sources, and convert the energy stored in the waste’s organic matter into methane. The methane is then used to produce either gas or electricity.

Last year, Michigan EIBC participated in hearings  on the bill with members Michigan CAT, Lean & Green Michigan and Petros Partners testifying in the Senate Local Government and House Agriculture committees. At the end of 2017, the Michigan legislature unanimously passed the bill.

Michigan EIBC is grateful to have worked with Senator Booher and legislators in both the House and the Senate to work toward the passage of this bill. The new law signed yesterday will give companies like Michigan CAT, Lean & Green Michigan, and Petros Partners the opportunity to install and finance anaerobic digesters for clients who want them.