Newsletter: The Future for Energy Storage looks Promising

This storage newsletter was originally published on February 2, 2018.

AES and Siemens Join Forces

Two of the leaders in energy storage, Michigan EIBC member companies AES and Siemens have partnered to create a new energy storage powerhouse: Fluence.

AES and Siemens will each own half of Fluence, and contribute staff from their existing ranks, but the new venture will operate separately from either entity. The partnership draws on each of the companies’ areas of expertise, with AES’s background in utility-scale storage and Siemens’ global sales experience and engineering resources.

The collaboration is slated to be the most geographically distributed grid storage development venture, with the companies together claiming 463 MW deployed across 48 projects in 13 countries.


Energy Storage Growth Isn’t Slowing Down

According to Utility Dive, energy storage growth shows no sign of slowing down. Across the country, the growth in the industry is expected to continue well into this year, especially in states such as New Mexico and Oregon where regulated utilities are taking the lead on massive storage projects. 

Utility Dive expects states to begin compelling utilities to include energy storage in their long-term planning processes, which should lock in growth for 2018.

In Michigan, utilities’ distribution system plans are an opportunity for the companies to demonstrate how they plan to use a variety of energy resources and strategies to optimize grid investments and ensure reliability for ratepayers, including energy storage.


Save the Date: Michigan Energy Forum in June

Michigan EIBC will host a Michigan Energy Forum on energy efficiency and lighting on June 11 at member company CLEAResult’s office in Detroit. Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more details!


Storage Newsclips

In Michigan
  • Cadillac News on how to harvest more from the energy you have.
  • Clean energy groups say solar and energy efficiency still hold great potential in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula after state regulators approved plans last year to replace an aging coal plant with natural gas.
Across the Country
  • Researchers are working to create more efficient batteries by replacing the graphite in lithium-ion batteries with lithium metal.
  • An experimental hybrid heat-and-electric system could someday have applications in microgrids and energy storage.
  • According to Greentech Media, rebuilding Puerto Rico’s grid with batteries and solar would be the most economical option.
  • Global automakers have invested $90 billion to date in batteries and electric vehicles, a figure expected to keep growing.
  • Renewable energy and energy storage technology are pushing natural gas out of the top slot for US electricity production.
  • Tesla’s Nevada Gigifactory is having problems with battery production that may further hinder the release of the new Model 3.
  • A solar-powered hybrid heat-and-electric system tested in Illinois could someday have uses in microgrids, energy storage, and large commercial applications.
  • Renewable-plus-storage bids in Xcel Energy’s Colorado solicitation could set low-price benchmark.


Events to Watch

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Mark your calendar for the 5th National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response on February 7-8, in San Diego, California. Learn more and register here.

With more than 650 attendees, MES is the region’s largest energy efficiency event and an unparalleled networking opportunity. February 7-9, MEEA will be holding their annual 2018 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference at the Chicago Hilton & Towers. MES is about celebrating accomplishments in energy efficiency, as well as laying out the efficiency program and policy landscape for the coming year. Register here.