Michigan EIBC Launches Initiative to Promote Michigan Advanced Lighting Industry

Photo complementary of unsplash.com

The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (Michigan EIBC) announced today it has launched a formal initiative focused at promoting Michigan’s advanced lighting industry going forward. The initiative launched today follows discussions with the Michigan Solid-State Lighting Association (MSSLA), which voted to dissolve and transfer its membership and remaining assets to Michigan EIBC.

“Advanced lighting is a core element of Michigan’s thriving advanced energy industry landscape,” said Liesl Eichler Clark, president of Michigan EIBC. “The Advanced Lighting Initiative launched today will open up new doors for Michigan’s homegrown solid-state lighting industry while expanding energy efficiency opportunities connected to high-efficiency lighting across Michigan.”

Solid-state lighting is a form of advanced lighting that uses high-efficiency light-emitting diode (LED) technology. LED lights are more efficient and longer-lasting than traditional light sources including incandescent, fluorescent, and others. Michigan has a strong cluster of advanced lighting businesses, and is home to significant research and development.

“Since its creation in 2009, MSSLA has worked to ensure that Michigan is a global leader in solid-state lighting, manufacturing, research, and development through knowledge sharing, education, and public policy advocacy,” said Dave Simon, a Senior Director with Troy-based LED manufacturer toggled, who was a founding Board member of MSSLA and also serves on the Michigan EIBC Board of Directors. “Michigan EIBC is well positioned to continue to advance the MSSLA mission, and we are happy to continue forward with the MSSLA’s mission to promote and expand advanced lighting in Michigan.”

Michigan EIBC has a strong and growing membership of more than 100 companies doing business in Michigan’s advanced energy sector, including a number of firms working in advanced lighting. Michigan EIBC’s mission is to grow Michigan’s advanced energy economy by fostering opportunities for innovation and business growth and offering unified voice in creating a business-friendly environment for the advanced energy industry in Michigan. The initiative launched today will add MSSLA’s member businesses to Michigan EIBC as founding members of the initiative and give the solid-state lighting industry a new platform for action.