Michigan EIBC and IEI Host Industrial Energy Efficiency Roundtable

Michigan EIBC holds energy roundtable

LANSING – Members of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council today held a panel to address rising electricity rates for industrial ratepayers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as part of the Smart Solutions for the UP conference at Northern Michigan University. Members of the panel discussed economic development opportunities for industrial-scale energy efficiency.

“Advanced energy and energy efficiency technologies can help alleviate the sky-high electricity costs facing energy users in the UP,” said Liesl Clark, president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council. “Cutting-edge technologies that reduce energy waste and save money create real opportunities for economic development and growth and will play an increasingly important role in Michigan’s energy future.”

Businesses and ratepayers in the UP have the highest electricity costs in Michigan. Experts at the conference proposed solutions and opportunities for customers to lower their energy waste and implement advanced energy technologies to conserve energy and cut costs.

“The challenge of UP electricity needs creates opportunities for business and industry in the UP to cut electricity costs and meet their energy needs in a sustainable way using combined heat and power,” said Pam Landes of Sustainability Partners, LLC. “Efficiencies gained through CHP technology can save some businesses as much as 25% on electric and thermal energy. For companies generating organic waste allowing the CHP can be fueled by biogas created through anaerobic digestion, savings can be even greater.”

“The best way to reduce electricity costs is to reduce energy waste, and energy efficiency technologies can help UP businesses and ratepayers address their high electricity costs,” said Paul Brown of CLEAResult. “Communities and businesses across the UP can lower their electricity costs and reduce energy demand with energy efficiency.”