Michigan Adds 4,655 Clean Energy Jobs in 2016

Photo complementary of unsplash.com

Michigan increased clean energy jobs by 5.3 percent, or 4,655, outpacing other job sectors in the state by a factor of three, according to a new report by Clean Jobs Midwest.

More than 92,000 people now work in the clean energy industry in Michigan, which ranks third among 11 Midwest states in clean energy employment. Michigan also leads the region in advanced transportation jobs, thanks to the state’s automobile industry. The report can be found at Clean Jobs Midwest website.

Liesl Clark, president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, said the job growth ranges from high efficiency lighting, hardware and software for improved energy efficiency, high efficiency heating and cooling systems installers and the advanced automotive and transportation industry. There are 28,000 jobs in Michigan in the advanced transportation industry, the report said.

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