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In 2012, The Energy Alliance Group of North America (EAG) was started for one purpose, to develop and deploy innovative solutions to energy, waste, and environmental challenges around the world.

The differentiating strength of our methods for developing solutions is the holistic approach we take and the extensive knowledge we and our partners have, in technology, financing, incentives, and integrated services – all critical elements to insuring the highest return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

Unlike most competitors, EAG is technology agnostic and solution driven. Representing or distributing no particular product or technology, our clients are provided with an optimal solution – not one in which EAG has a vested financial interest. In addition to reducing utility costs, we identify a number of incentives and operational savings to maximize our clients ROI. These include tax incentives, tax credits, utility choice, and other operational cost recovery services that complement the holistic approach we take.

For each opportunity, EAG defines the total cost of ownership for a period of 20-years or longer. Combined with the utility reduction to be achieved, our life cycle cost models include qualified credits and incentives, and identify maintenance, end of life replacement costs and inflation costs – all representing the true cost of ownership and return on investment. This capability and area of expertise, allows a “cradle to grave” approach to efficiency improvement and cost recovery solutions for energy, waste, and environmental challenges, large or small.

Together with our technology and service partners, EAG is considered a leader in developing and deploying solutions for energy, waste and environmental challenges, with an expertise in Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) funded projects.