One: Our Next Energy Logo

Our Next Energy, Inc. (ONE) is an energy storage company with a mission to double the distance EVs can travel. Founded in 2020, ONE uses safe, sustainable, low-cost battery chemistries for consumer and commercial electric vehicles, as well as develops technology for stationary storage – particularly around utility-scale energy storage systems. ONE is dedicated to the long-term vision of achieving vertical integration for American energy storage manufacturing by working to develop a robust and resilient domestic and ally supply chain for critical minerals.

Headquartered in Novi, Michigan ONE domestically develops and validates both Aries and Gemini battery systems. ONE is committed to applying a holistic approach to growing the energy storage industry in the US. To do so, ONE is focused on the circularity of lithium-ion battery manufacturing; this includes sustainability and safety from sourcing of raw materials all the way to the secondary use and recycling, ensuring that ONE is safeguarding the growth of democratized energy.

ONE is working to vertically integrate its materials supply chain by developing technologies that use more abundant and locally available raw materials. ONE aims to pioneer sustainable battery manufacturing practices in order to support American energy independence and position the United States as a leader in disruptive energy storage technology. As of April 2022, ONE has raised $95 million and has over 100 employees. In addition to ONE’s Michigan headquarters, ONE has two offices in California, a product development facility in LA and a R&D center in Silicon Valley.