AES: Advanced Energy Storage Logo

Advanced Energy Storage, LLC has invented, developed and engineered an innovative energy storage and management system to: (1) provide sustainable critical power for infrastructure during emergency electrical grid outages, (2) manage peak load energy demand to lower utility costs for businesses and (3) serve as backup power to increase efficiency and output of other energy sources (e.g., hydroelectric, wind). The energy system is a mid-density, environmentally “green”, highly efficient and superior storage solution compared to lithium-ion and other chemical based battery storage systems. Our Power Pack Energy System, which is primarily used for emergency and back-up power applications, is uniquely designed as a scalable 20’ x 8’ battery unit. The Base Power Pack energy system stores 100kW hours of energy. The Standard Power Pack energy unit contains a wind turbine with a telescoping tower that when deployed can recharge the system in approximately 6 to 14 hours (depending on average wind speed) and can make the system fully sustainable off the grid. In addition, the Standard unit’s roof contains a bank of solar panels used to power the control panel lights, security system and the electronic controls inside the battery unit in the event the unit needs to be awakened and deployed from a fully discharged state. Its weight (approximately 34,000 lbs makes it air transportable using any one of 3 heavy lift commercial helicopters available in the US.