Clean Jobs Midwest Report

LANSING – More than 92,000 now work in Michigan’s clean energy industry, a 5.3 percent increase since 2015, according to an analysis unveiled today by Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, Clean Energy Trust (CET) and the national nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2). The report ranks Michigan alongside 11 other states. Michigan continues to lead the Midwest region in advanced transportation jobs and is third in clean energy jobs.

“Clean energy jobs are a critical part of our economy, and this report shows Michigan leads the Midwest through innovation and good policy,” said Liesl Clark, president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council. “Michigan’s largest segment continues to be in advanced transportation, which converges with energy as autonomous vehicles intersect with electrified vehicles.”

The analysis – available at – is based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

data and a comprehensive survey of thousands of businesses across the region. The Clean Jobs Midwest report provides detailed breakdowns of clean energy jobs – including job totals for every county, congressional district and state legislative district in the Midwest region. There are 599,775 clean energy jobs throughout the entire region.

“As we move away from the technologies of the past, wind energy will play an increasingly important role bringing clean, affordable energy to families across Michigan,” said Jesse Tarr, president of Wind Secure. “I’m proud to work for a company that helps keep Michigan’s wind turbines up and running.”

According to the report, Michigan is a leader in the advanced transportation industry, supporting more than 28,000 jobs, which account for almost 45 percent of all advanced transportation jobs in the region.

“Clean cars are the future of the transportation sector, and we are happy to help provide the charging infrastructure to make sure drivers have access to charging stations across Michigan,” said Ann Smart, vice-president of public policy for ChargePoint. “We look forward to working with lawmakers, regulators and utility companies to continue creating jobs and boosting Michigan’s clean energy sector.”

“Michigan is a shining example of how states continue to lead on clean energy despite the lack of leadership from Washington,” said Gail Parson, E2’s Director of Member and State Engagement. “Late last year, Gov. Snyder signed an energy law that increased the renewable energy standard to 15 percent by 2021, which is a win for jobs and our air, land and water.”

The report also found energy efficiency continues to be the largest clean energy employer in Michigan, accounting for 50,279 jobs in areas like hardware and software implementers, high efficiency heating and cooling systems installers and system technicians. The biggest job growth occurred in the renewable energy sector, including jobs in the solar and wind industries, which grew by more than 14 percent in the past year.  There are 5,672 solar jobs in Michigan and 4,642 in wind energy generation.

“The Midwest has witnessed declining manufacturing employment over the years and this report highlights the important role of clean energy jobs in filling the gap for the region’s workforce,” said Erik G. Birkerts, CEO of Clean Energy Trust. “We’re optimistic that this growth engine can continue unabated as the Midwest continues to prove it is a fertile region for clean energy innovation, enabling businesses to launch, grow and create jobs.”

Ria Lester of Wind Secure and Samantha Frick of ChargePoint are featured in worker profiles on the Clean Jobs Midwest website.