Businesses urge House Energy Committee to hold a vote on bill to lift solar cap

21 businesses and business organizations sent a letter to House Energy Chair Representative
Joseph Bellino asking him to hold a vote on legislation to lift the cap on rooftop solar in Michigan.
HB 4236 removes the 1% cap on rooftop solar and is pending before the House Energy Committee. The
bill would allow homes and businesses across Michigan to get electricity from solar panels installed on
their property and sell extra electricity generated back to utility companies.

The letter states, “the cap only serves to stifle and harm businesses who want to be able to create jobs
and spur economic activity in our state.” It continues, “We urge you to bring HB 4236 up for a vote in
the House Energy Committee to ensure that Michigan’s growing solar industry and other businesses are
not arbitrarily limited.”

Signatories to the letter were: Association for Businesses Advocating Tariff Equity, Coalition fo
Community Solar Access, D2 Solar, ecojiva, Elevate Energy, Four Elements Energy, GEM Energy,
Homeland Solar, Inman Solar, Inovateus, Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, Michigan Energy
Options, Michigan Solar Solutions, Newman Consulting Group, Oak Electric, Peninsula Solar, Pivot
Energy, Solar Energy Industries Association, Sunrun, The Green Panel, and Vote Solar Action Fund.
HB4236 is currently pending before the House Energy Committee.