Geosyntec provides high quality Energy Transition and associated services to existing and new clients across private and public sectors. Our goal is to help clients reduce risk, cost and liability while identifying opportunities to enhance profitability and success of the organization. We are uniquely positioned to understand our clients’ risks and opportunities from the operation’s perspective and corporate risk.

Geosyntec’s mission is to be a leader and builder of a team and practice to provide strategic and tactical solutions for businesses addressing Energy Transition and decarbonization challenges. We provide cutting-edge policy advice towards sustainable and renewable energy systems. It includes a life-cycle approach – from the field to the corporate level to stakeholders. We also work with policy makers to work to modify the regulations to keep up with the transition. With our experience working within government and industry, we are able to foster unique and innovative solutions to drive the transformation.

We will work with our clients to understand and effectively navigate the changing landscape, bringing an understanding of energy-unique concerns. We will help our clients understand the evolving energy landscape and we work with them to achieve business results in this landscape.

Here are examples of specific services we can provide existing and potential clients:

1. Carbon Capture and Utilization: Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage includes technologies to capture CO2 from large emissions sources and either sequester the CO2 permanently deep underground or re-use the CO2 to create value added products. The use of CCS along with other low carbon technologies has been shown to provide the lowest cost route to meet decarbonization targets. Geosyntec is positioned to support clients in this technology.

2. Emerging Energy Systems: With the radical change in our energy systems as we move to low carbon forms of energy supply, new opportunities are emerging in renewable energy, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cells and our gas and electricity grids. We provide support in the opportunities created by these technology developments.

3. Oil and Gas Transition: The oil and gas sector is experiencing a significant discontinuity arising from volatile oil prices and the low carbon transition. Geosyntec can support companies in the oil and gas sector in diversification efforts. Large energy users also face risks and opportunities driven by the transition from oil and gas who we can support by developing long term energy strategies.

For a growing number of industries and companies, energy supply management is the source of a sustainable competitive advantage. We can assist our clients in taking best advantage of technological evolutions, regulatory constraints and changes on the energy market to create new business models.