Detroit Stoker Company is a leading supplier of combustion systems for the production of steam used in heating, industrial processing, and electric power generation around the world. In addition to providing dependable power, the company has taken a leadership role in the development of environmentally responsible systems that make power generating plants good neighbors in their communities. Detroit Stoker also leads the way in unlocking the value of renewable energy sources. Recycling and reduction of industrial and municipal solid waste as well as renewable fuels are both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. Every day, more than 140,000 tons of biomass and refuse are burned on Detroit systems, the largest of which produces more than 100 MWe. The company’s combustion systems generate power from diverse waste products such as bark, sugar cane, sawdust, sunflower hulls and poultry litter. These otherwise non-recyclable materials produce insignificant levels of acid gas compared to the fossil fuels they replace and are considered CO2-neutral because the carbon dioxide produced is used in the growth cycle of renewable fuel sources. As the costs of conventional fuels rise, renewable fuels provide a sensible alternative.