Michigan EIBC’s mission is to grow Michigan’s advanced energy economy by fostering opportunities for innovation and business growth and offering a unified voice in creating a business-friendly environment for the advanced energy industry in Michigan.


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“The access that they’re able to provide to each of the key stakeholders is unparalleled. The interface that we have with EIBC gives us the confidence that we have great stewardship in the details, where it matters.”
Matt McGovern, Cypress Creek Renewables
“Michigan EIBC brings so much value to Michigan SAVES. It gives us the opportunity to tell our story, it helps us to recruit more people into our contractor network, it allows us to spread the word.”
Mary Templeton, Michigan SAVES
“As a group they’ve been the most successful at progressing advanced energy issues at the state level.”
Kevin O'Connell, Michigan CAT
“Michigan EIBC brings great value in allowing us to network and communicate with other stakeholders in the industry.”
Dr. Brandy Brown, CLEAResult
“Michigan EIBC actually invites us to the table. The value of relationships of other leaders and innovators in energy in Michigan and across the country is [significant].”
Carla Walker-Miller, Walker-Miller Energy Services
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About Michigan EIBC

Membership in Michigan EIBC makes you part of the only trade association dedicated to and focused on the companies doing business across Michigan’s advanced energy economy, and also offers a host of other member-only benefits. 


More than 1 million electric vehicles sold in the US

More than 1 million electric vehicles sold in the US Earlier this month, the United States passed an important milestone for the EV market: 1,000,000 vehicles sold. The industry is expected to grow even more rapidly in years to come, as large auto companies like General Motors and Ford bring even more attention to electric vehicles. Earlier this month, Michigan EIBC attended the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance…

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Michigan’s Distributed Generation Program grew by 28% in 2017; Michigan Energy Innovators Hall of Fame

Michigan’s Distributed Generation Program grew by 28% in 2017 This week, the Michigan Public Service Commission released its annual report on the distributed generation program and the news is positive. The number of individual installations producing electric power under Michigan’s distributed generation (DG) program grew by nearly 28 percent last year. The program’s total capacity in 2017 increased by 35 percent from the year before, to approximately…

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EIBC EV Convenings Featured in Grand Rapids Business Journal

As featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal on October 12, 2018 - By Ehren Wynder Michigan races toward vehicle electrification Five meetings over the past year informed industry leaders of economic opportunities, benefits. More than 70 Michigan organizations convened over the past year to compile recommendations to help get Michigan first to the finish line in the race for vehicle electrification. Approximately 140 stakeholders — representing…

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